Portuguese crypto license

To date, in Portugal, it is possible to obtain a license provider of crypto services. It gives the right to both store and change crypto currencies. Under this license you can choose three business areas, a crypto-to-crypto service provider, crypto to fiat service provider (fiat is an ordinary currency), wallet service provider, wallet service means the ability to save, accumulate and move crypto funds of customers it is a service suitable for many industry projects.

Advantages of Jurisdiction in Portugal

Simple registration of the company that will be licensed to exchange cryptocurrencies in Portugal (takes 2 weeks). Stable economy, investment attractiveness and loyal legislation. Prestigious jurisdiction. Favorable and profitable environment for working with crypto assets and low tax rates;


Secure Payment

Highly Experienced

Insured Service

Licensing requirements


For obtaining Portuguese crypto license the company must have a corporate bank account or payment system in the territory of the European Economic Area, which is a full bank account. There is a personal IBAN, and you will be able to conduct full-fledged transactions on both SEPA and SWIFT. Portuguese banks do not accept applications to open a bank account from crypto companies, usually companies open accounts in payment systems that work with crypto companies. The company should have an actual real office in Portugal, which will be able to check whether there is a company, whether it offers its services there. You also need to show the regulator the contract of office rental with photos.

The main feature of crypto license in Portugal

The management of the company should in fact be located in Portugal. The founders may be non-residents of Portugal, but the board member (or one of the board members) must be local. That is, he has Portuguese citizenship, tax residence or residence permit in Portugal. The company must have a compliance officer. The contact person who is responsible for communication with the regulator and verifies the compliance of the company with the requirements set by law in order to minimize the risks associated with money laundering.

Stages of obtaining a crypto license in Portugal

Regulator Notification. Before starting operations, the crypto company is obliged to appoint a contact person for quick communication with the regulator and AML-officer (MLRO) for filing notifications to the regulator about suspicious and non-standard transactions. FAU must be notified in writing of the appointment of contact persons and MLRO, as well as their contact details. The contact person and the MLRO may be the same person who may be a resident of a foreign state. Infrastructure preparation. For the correct functioning of the crypto-business and uninterrupted provision of services related to the exchange of cryptocurrency it is necessary to prepare and set up the appropriate infrastructure  to open a settlement account in a bank or payment system (SWIFT, SEPA) create a corporate account on the crypto exchange, configure automated accounting of transactions and transactions, ensure the collection and secure storage of information about customers and their transactions.