New Databases



The BoardEx database offers extensive biographical and relationship data on the boards of notable public and private companies globally since 1999. The leading academic institutions use BoardEx’s 610,000 analyzed business leaders and more than 17,000 analyzed companies to complement their studies and research.

  • Profiles - People profiles with biographical information of the directors, senior management and disclosed earners are available. Company profiles include listed and notable private organization with detailed information.
  • Networks - view connections between individuals through overlaps in their organizations, also view connections between two or more organizations through common individuals.
  • Board Summaries - view an overview of the board, including the composition and statistics, compensation, committees, ratios and totals.
  • Company details - get all of the detailed information you need to know for each organization, including contact details, capitalization, revenue and the auditors and bankers.

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IODS provides access to historical CDS end-of day data on single name composites as well as on Markit indices.

Markit is the premier pricing service for CDS and CDS indices within the marketplace. With its access to a wide range of data sources, Markit is in unique position to offer the best, most relevant prices on that majority of liquidly traded credit instruments in the market.

Three datasets are made available to academic researchers via the IODS platform:

  • CDS Single Name Pricing: This dataset contains the consensus par spread (no coupon) curves calculated by Markit from marketmakers’ official books of record, live quotes and clearing submissions and results. All data is processed using rigorous automated cleaning tests to ensure data quality. Approximately 2 600 entities are covered and the history goes back to 2001 (depending on the entity).
  • Credit Indices: This dataset contains the end of day prices for all non-matured instruments for the Markit credit indices. All prices published in this report are generated from observed clearing contributions, quotes from Markit Parsing or books of record contributions. The Markit CDS indices pricing service covers the CDX and iTraxx that are owned and administered by Markit, including Markit CDX, Markit iTraxx Europe, Markit iTraxx Asia, Markit iTraxx SovX and Markit MCDX.
  • Credit Indices and Constituents: This dataset contains the par spread (no coupon) curves for the underlying constituents for the on the run Markit Credit indices.



French Institutional Investors

Newly available : a database on institutional investors in France ! The new database was designed by IODS to perform several studies on institutional investors, life insurance, pension funds… It includes more than 350 quarterly and annual series, going back to 1995 depending on the topics. You will find comprehensive and practical information on the numbers of investors, assets and liabilities, financial performances, the importance of each category of investor in each market, the management type (mandates, funds…). The database is updated every quarter with the most recent data available. The database is a useful tool for asset managers, investors, economists. It allows to assess the importance of each market/investor and to benchmark one’s performance on the overall institutional market.

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The  IODS announces a partnership with Sustainalytics to provide Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) research database through IODS database platform for researchers. Sustainalytics database offers historical,timely and relevant ratings, rankings and analysis of corporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. The research universe covers all major global indices. The full ESG research and the controversy research cover 4 500 and 15 900 companies respectively in the world from 2009. Research has already been conducted using Sustainalytics databases by many universities, including Erasmus University and the University of Tilburg (NL), the Ivey School of Business of the University of Western Ontario (Canada), Ryerson University and the Schulich School of Business (Canada).

About Sustainalytics

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Sustainalytics is an independent ESG and corporate governance research, ratings, and analysis firm supporting investors around the world with the development and implementation of responsible investment strategies. With 13 offices globally, Sustainalytics partners with institutional investors who integrate environmental, social, and governance information and assessments into their investment processes. Today, the firm has 230 staff members, including more than 120 analysts with varied multidisciplinary expertise across more than 40 sectors. For the past three years, Sustainalytics has been named the best independent responsible investment research firm in Extel’s IRRI survey of institutional investors. For more information, visit In August 2015, Sustainalytics annouced a partnership with Morningstar to provide ESG scores for funds globally.

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MTS Historical Data

As fixed income markets across Europe continue to experience unprecedented levels of volatility and uncertainty, MTS Historical Data delivers the depth and quality of historical time series data needed to optimise academic research.

MTS is Europe’s premier facilitator for the electronic fixed income trading market providing comprehensive historical data directly sourced from its MTS interdealer cash markets. This data delivers an unparalleled source of pre- and post-trade transparency across 18 of the MTS government bond markets with over 100 participants trading more than 1 100 bonds, all generating around 30 000 000 executable prices each day, and average daily turnover exceeding € 85 billion.

With 11 years of time series data (starting in April 2003), MTS is the only fixed income data provider that has been offering this level of depth and quality for the last decade.

Several datasets are available on the IODS platform:

  • Daily Cash and Repo Data
  • Trade-by-Trade Data
  • High Frequency Data
  • Tick-by-Tick Data

    As fixed income trading volumes continue to shift from voice to electronic markets, the depth and granularity of data required by market participants and academics is dramatically increasing. MTS Historical Tick-by-Tick data provides the richest and most accurate record of market behaviour across the entire European government bond market. The service delivers a unique level of market depth and transparency with un-netted price, order and trade information with microsecond time stamps.

Full reference data for each bond (ISIN, issuer details, coupon and payments details and frequencies, MTS market, maturity and many others) is included allowing data to be filtered for a focus on almost any criteria.

Numerous academic research papers using MTS’ time series data have been published in recognised journals, such as the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis or The Review of Financial Studies.



The CFNEWS database provides exhaustive coverage of equity operations in France and cross-border (e.g. involving a French corporate investor or fund). Comprehensive information on M&As, LBOs, venture capital, IPOs and real estate deals along with the activity of investment advisors and consultancies are available with data histories going back to 2005.

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BarclayHedge is the most up-to-date source for proprietary research in the field of alternative investments. The BarclayHedge databases, updated twice a month in Excel form, provide information on more than 6 000 hedge funds, fund of funds and managed futures (CTAs). Available data comprises information on holdings, performances, assets, fees and more. A statistics tab features over 130 mathematical computations like CAR, Sharpe ratio, worst drawdown, standard deviation and more in an instant. BarclayHedge databases are the most accurate products in the alternative database space and have been utilised for several academic publications.

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China Securities Market and Accounting Research

High quality financial databases from GTA, leading global provider of China financial market data, China industry and China economic data to international financial and educational institutions. Two broad categories of data : Market & Corporate, which are themselves split into detailed databases.

China Stock Market Research Series: Database series deriving from Chinese stock markets (Shanghai & Shenzhen) and information centers, revealing data on stocktrading, stock currency, trading suspension & resumption, indices, special treatment & particular transfer, equity division reform through the stock trading information, indices research and main events of listed companies. With Data going back to 1990, the series reflects completely each phase of China stock market from its beginning to maturity.

China Corporate Research Series: China Corporate Research Series provide detailed information on listed companies’ finance and behavior. Data mainly derive from periodic and ad hoc announcements from listed companies, including financial statements, financial ratios, management information, shareholder information, corporate behavior and analyst forecasts.



IODS and Barchart give access to an exhaustive commodities database on all global markets. Daily Cash, Futures and Options data is available with histories dating back to the inception of Futures contracts. On request, intraday data can be obtained for the following international markets CME, CBOT, COMEX, NYMEX, BM&F Bovespa, ICE, Euronext Liffe, NYSE Liffe, EUREX, MGEX, KCBT and LME.

  • Commodity indexes;
  • Energy;
  • Foodstuffs;
  • Grains and oilseeds;
  • Industrials;
  • Livestock and meats;
  • Metals.



Worldwide Fixed Income

Exchange Data International’s Worldwide Fixed Income database is now available on the IODS website.
The database contains a reference data interface with detailed information on approximately 1 000 000 bonds. Over 150 data items give details on fundamental static data, interest payments, redemption terms, conversion terms…
The database also contains an end of day transaction data interface with information on about 120 000 bonds and data items on the open, high, low, close, traded volume & value, number of transactions…
Period covered:    2007 - now (may vary depending on the place of listing);
Frequency:          Daily;
Coverage:            144 global markets.


Compustat Global (ex-North America)

Compustat Global ex-North America is a database containing annual, biannual and quarterly financial statements for approximately 55 000 stock market listed companies, which represent 98% of global market capitalisation (except for North America).
- The historical data goes back to 1987, depending on the date of introduction of the companies in the database.
- 966 data items collected from annual financial statements are available, with as many explicative notes deemed necessary for each data.

Economic Sector Indicators on European Countries

This database was created by IODS with accounting data from 2011 for more than 300 000 European companies collected from the Amadeus database. It allows a comparison to be made of profitability, financial structure, labour cost and labour effectiveness for companies in 18 different industries. The indicators are calculated for each European country and for the European Union as a whole.


Eurofidai: European Mutual Funds database

The specificity of this historical database is to provide data over a long period (since 1980) and for a large sample of funds, ensuring a strong diversity of funds in terms of investment strategy and domicile. This database provides, among other variables, the opening, closing, lowest and highest prices. These funds are listed on European stock exchanges. The other part of this database associated with over the counter markets provides, among other variables, the net asset value for traded and unlisted funds. The values are mainly expressed in European currencies (more precisely in Euro, Pound Sterling and Swiss Franc).


ETP Data Systems

The ETP Data Systems database on warrants & certificates listed on Euronext is now available through IODS’ web-interface. The database contains exhaustive reference data on warrants & certificates classified as live, expired, early expired and delisted at the extraction date. The database is updated at least every quarter.
Products: Bonus Certificates, Capped, Capped Bonus Certificates, Capped Outperformance Certificates, Capped Plus, Discount Certificates, Floored, Floored Plus, Inline Warrants, Knock Out Warrants, Leverage Long, Leverage Short, Mini Futures, Miscellaneous Participation, Reverse Capped Bonus Certificates, Reverse Convertibles, Sprint Plus, Tracker Certificates, Tracker Certificates Bear, Twin Win Certificates, Uncapped Capital Protection, Warrants.



The Amadeus database of Bureau Van Dijk is now available directly through the website IODS offers a significant discount for all laboratories / universities wishing to acquire a license BVD Amadeus.
AMADEUS is a large European database containing financial information on over 13 million public and private companies in 41 European countries. It combines data from over 30 specialised regional information providers (IPs). AMADEUS is a modular product; you can choose the level of coverage that you require - largest companies, large and medium or all companies. The accounts are in a standardised format (for up to 10 years), consolidated and unconsolidated, financial ratios, activities and ownership for over 13 million companies throughout Europe, including Eastern Europe.

IODS also offers access to more historical data on request.


Database on Credit

The database on credit to households and over-indebtedness is available since October 27th, 2011, through IODS’ web-interface. Approximately 700 time series are documented, controlled and classified methodically. The easy accessible and well-proven query tools from the Savings database are available, as well as the functions allowing seasonal adjustments and conversions into euros.
dwelling credit, consumer credit, other credits.
Classification :
national accounts / monetary statistics, data on over-indebtedness, types of debt instrument
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands , Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Iceland.

Database on Savings

The database on Savings is now available on the IODS website.
It is a comprehensive database offering time series on Savings products concerning sales, assets, performances as well as numbers of holders. More than 2300 time series, covering 30 European countries, are documented, controlled and classified methodically. Easy to use and reliable query tools are proposed via an integrated interface. Moreover, the functions allowing seasonal adjustment and conversion into Euros are available.
bank deposits, life insurance, pension funds, financial and non-financial assets, security, shares, investment funds...
Classification :
national accounts, product information, monetary statistics.
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands , Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Iceland.

Eurofidai: 16 European countries added to «daily stock database»

A database "Europe daily" with 16 European countries now available on Eurofidai share and indices database. The bespoke database includes traditional exchanges for 16 countries and Key Trading System Shares (NPS) or European MTF (Multilateral Trading Facilities) that have developped since the introduction of MIFID : Chi-X, Nasdaq OMX Europe, Nordic Growth Market, Plus Markets, Stockholm AktieTorget, Tradegate, Turquoise.
Period covered:
3 January 1986 - 31 December 2010 (may vary depending on the place of listing)
Countries covered:
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United-Kingdom.