In the basic subcription, IODS offers a certain number of services such as a detailed documentation for each database, a simple and homegenous data extraction interface among the different databases, as well as a user support. Other services are available in addition to the basic subcription. IODS offers its subscribers:


Customised Data Offering: Download Brochure

In order to meet the needs of our clients, IODS offers a service of research, extraction, documentation and restitution of economic and financial information on request.

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 Customised Indices and Wealth Management Indices: Download Brochure

IODS possesses a large quantity of data that allows the creation, calculation and diffusion of customised stock indices and wealth management indices per investor category and per country.

Based on approved sources and a rigorous methodology, IODS takes care of all the essential steps when creating indices, including:

  • Back testing
  • Methodological conception
  • Maintenance of the index composition
  • Index calculation
  • Diffusion


Ad-Hoc Building of Databases:

IODS offers the building of ad-hoc databases on specific request from researchers, applied research departments, marketing departments or development services.


Customer Data Processing:

IODS can process available internal data for a client. IODS disposes data managers specialised in financial data processing, which confers IODS a specialised expertise.


Calculation of Complementary Data:

On request, IODS provides complementary data calculations using standard procedures: implicit transaction costs on markets, beta, volatility...

Several of those calculations are available online: Seasonally adjusted data, key business ratios…


Databases for Back-Testing Purposes:

The objectif of this type of databases is to allow professional, as well as academic researchers to test the validity of their models with reliable databases.


User Support (Level 1 & 2):

Support at level 1 addresses technical questions. Help is also available via documentation and online manuals.

Support at level 2 refers to databases or the web-interface.