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Corporate database on over 2.5 million French companies with history going back to 1987.
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Savings & Credit: Macro-financial data on households' savings, credit and over-indebtedness of European scale.

European Stocks: daily stock market data with histories going back to 1977.


Eurofidai Indexes: daily data on general, sector, factors and specific indexes since 1986.
Exchange Rates: daily market data on spot and forward exchange rates since 1975.
Corporate Actions: organised and classified database on European corporate actions since 1977.
Mutual Funds: daily data and information on European mutual funds (OTC and official market) since 1980. 
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Ownership: data on shareholdings and investment funds covering more than 120 countries with a history that dates back to 1999.
Estimates: database on estimations for 18 000 companies (31% located in the US, 27% in Europe and 35% in Asia).
Fundamentals: global corporate database on more than 63 000 companies with annual history going back to 1980.
Other 70 different financial databases are also available at the same time through FactSet workstation, such as Market data, News/Alerts, Macroeconomic data, Capital and Debt Structure, Governance data, Key Developments, M&A/Private Equity/Venture Capital, Bonds and Debt, Commodities/Interest Rates, Private Companies, Filings etc.

Compustat Global ex-North America: corporate and stock market data for 56 000 active and inactive listed companies from 112 countries with data history going back to 1987.



FundFile gives access to monthly updated data on over 88 000 funds in Europe along with management companies.

Daily data on all global commodity markets (Cash, Futures and Options).

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China Stock Market and Accounting Research Database

Chinese market (China Stock Market Research Series) and corporate data (China Corporate Research Series) since 1990.


The Sustainalytics database provides historical, timely and relevant ratings, rankings and analysis of corporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

Corporate Governance: Detailed information on corporate governance for all French listed companies .

Market data on European government, quasi-government and covered bonds since 2003. Five different datasets are available: Daily cash data, repo data, trade-by-trade data, high frequency data and tick-by-tick data together with detailed reference data and market calendars.
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S&P Capital IQ ex-North America

Capital Structure: debt and equity capital structure for about 50 000 public and private companies since 1976.

Key Developments: over 100 Key development types of material news and events for over 400 000 companies internationally.

People Intelligence: information on 1.3 million professionals.

French Institutional Investors: An IODS database on institutional investors, life insurance, pension funds… It includes more than 350 quarterly and annual series going back to 1995 depending on the topics.


The Markit databases provide pricing information for CDS and CDS indices .

Information on SCPI and SIIC with historical data starting in 2001.

Comprehensive information on Hedge Funds, Managed Futures (CTAs), and Funds of Funds.


Database on equity operations in France and cross-border with comprehensive information on M&As, LBOs, venture capital, IPOs and real estate deals along with the activity of investment advisors and consultancies. Data histories are going back to 2005.
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